Why it’s Essential to Fight in Front of Your Kids – SC 183

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Why it's Essential to Fight in Front of Your Kids - SC 183

Fighting in front of the kids is a major taboo, but should it be? What if we started treating each conflict in the home as an opportunity for relationship homeschooling?

Jayson Gaddis has spent years teaching kids (including his own) about how to do conflict. News flash: Lectures aren’t the answer. Leading by example is!

In this episode, you’ll learn how to take your family’s authenticity to a whole new level AND ensure the young adults in your life learn how to do conflict from someone who cares about doing it right…someone like you!


DO fight in front of your kids [2:00]
Why it’s a mistake to lecture young people [4:00]
Young people see, young people do [6:00]
What are conflicts in front of kids like at the Gaddis house? [8:00]
Shame as a tool [10:00]
You’re action step [15:00]

Check out the webpage for this episode at https://relationshipschool.net/podcast183

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